what is a business intelligence platform

The Business Intelligence platform normally enables enterprises to create BI applications by providing them the capability of three categories. The three categories include in BI data management are online analytical processing, information delivery such as dashboards and reports, analysis and platform integration such as development environment and BI metadata management.

Importance of Data

Data is basically a collection of raw facts and figures. Data is the fuel for success any type and size of organization across industries. Insights of data enable you to make smarter and profitable decisions based upon facts instead of any get feeling. In order to meet the criteria as a BI platform, a product must hold the mentioned properties.

· Use data from any source like database querying, application connectors and file uploads

· It must provide a proper architecture in order to transform data into relatable and useful model.

· It should support data modeling, various discovering processes and blending.

· It also helps in creating reports and visualizations with the availability of business utility.

· Deploy and create various internal analytics applications.

The products in BI platforms should be comprehensive and customized as compared to other BI categories which requires a large number of IT involvement in order to set up properly.

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